Godsmack: Under Your Scars.

Posted by Kate.

As some may or may not know the band Godsmack came out with a song, on their latest album When Legends Rise, called Under Your Scars.  The song is dedicated to anyone struggling with mental health and promotes that ‘…scars come in all forms…'(Godsmack, Scards Foundation).  You can check the song out:

This has been a year of new things for Godsmack.  They released that album, a couple of singles, and have a new world tour going on.  They have also become mental health advocates and also started The Scars Foundation dedicated to helping mental health organizations reach their goals.

The music industry has suffered many losses over the years from struggles with mental health.  The discussion of mental health has increased which, hopefully, is helping to lessen the stigma around these struggles.  Many celebrities have used their platforms to share their stories regarding mental health struggles and to help spread awareness.  Godsmack has been very successful in doing this.

Today the band announced that their single Under Your Scars reached 10Million views on youtube today!  That is amazing and shows the awareness around mental health is growing.  The band thanked everyone in an Instagram video:

A big congratulations to Godsmack on this accomplishment.  Also, thank you for your dedication to raising awareness and advocating for Mental Health.  This is a tremendous victory for mental health awareness.

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