Disturbed Frontman David Draiman Interviewed on Mental Health & Addiction.

Published by: Kate

I was parusing facebook a few days ago and I saw a post from the band Disturbed.  I have always been a fan of theirs since The Sickness came out around the same time as Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album; around 2000.  The post was an interview done with Distburbed’s frontman David Draiman for Consequence of Sound.

I reccomend checking out the video (here) of the interview.  David has always been an advocate for mental health and addiction awareness.  He posts some really good ideas and comments on the subject.

In it he discusses mental health and addiction.  He also shares some memories about Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington; who succumb to his depresstion in July of 2017.  The reason for this discussion is because Distbured has a song out A Reason To Fight, off of their new album Evolution, that is about struggling with addiction and depression.  Check it out yourself:


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